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You know you could be laughing one minute and then crying the next, because a director has asked you to cry. If I want to draw attention to myself, put on heels and a tight dress and do my hair up, then I can. 'For me I’d go crazy if I couldn’t go out and walk in the streets. There have been days when I have been in three different tabloids, writing about me being in three different relationships, with people I haven’t even met. ’ The hardest thing must be when she falls in love with someone and then, when the relationship comes to an end and both parties are feeling emotionally raw and vulnerable, it is treated as entertainment.That’s not normal behaviour.’ And yet actors are often supposed to play ‘normal’ people, as she is in her new film. ‘Anyone who wants to play characters who are different from their own has to love observing other people’s behaviour and trying to work out why they do what they do.’ Yes, but you can tell from looking around the other tables here tonight that they are aware of who she is. This, to her, must seem like normal behaviour, especially as she also grew up with parents who were famous. When she split up with Wilson he tried to kill himself.Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

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The 38-year-old star strikes a sexy pose on the cover of October's issue of magazine, and answers a series of questions about her past co-stars.I’m spending time with you here but when I come to read what you’ve written I might be like, hey, come on, this isn’t me, that was meant to be funny.’ She arches an eyebrow. She has been more open and much funnier than I had imagined, especially on the subject of trying to keep your children away from internet porn using reverse psychology: ‘Maybe we should get all Dutch on them, let them watch whatever they want to watch!’ But it is now time to go and, as we head out, the waiters open doors and call her Miss Hudson again.But it is the actors who must make life complicated. I don’t know what it is but I’m not…’ she trails off.‘According to the press I’m with every man on the planet. As untraditional as he looks, he is a southerner, from Georgia. But I don’t regret that relationship because it gave me my son and, to this day, I have such a deep love for Chris.

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