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On the other hand, Alex would take a glance at Stephy whenever she spoke.

During the event, the ex-couple exchanged words, and finally agreed to take a photo together. ) I don’t think so.” Stephy said that she did not deliberately keep any contact with Alex, and she would say hi to him when she meet him. Alex, on the other hand, also said, “It’s not about being embarrassed or not.

They say it only contain either CD or DVD and not both.

So I wait for the album sets to release only ask him buy and help me take signature.stephy does look really pretty on the last two pictures of the magazine scans!

wow, i'm so happy that stephy's popularity is very high on yahoo! ah, i didn't know ella was that close to cookies, i also didn't know fiona was that close either, but i thought it was weird that she was singing along with kary if they won't really that close at the chik chak awards ceremony at the beginning of the year, is it just kary or all the members of cookies that they are close to? does anyone know what it is for and what they will be doing there?

too bad it's not in australia, i can read abit of the chinese on the poster, and australia has the same function each year, why couldn't alephy come instead of shirley, raymond or yoyo??? stephy does look really pretty on the last two pictures of the magazine scans!

Alex Fong (方力申) recently met his old love, Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) on an event last Thursday (Dec 08), but declined to share details about's out today========h t t p:// those of you who haven't watch Nine Girls and A Ghost yet...go to the link above and watch~ the movie is split into 4 seperate screen tho...remember: close the gap between the http I already ask HK leader side to help me buy. The reason why he nvr buy on the auto session day is because it is different version.I gave her a necklace as her present, but I am afraid that she has forgotten where she put it.â€? Ella and Fiona are also Cookies good friend in this field.On the other hand, their good friend, Theresa Fu, did not go to the party because she did not feel well and had to record songs the next day. 鄧麗欣(Stephy)昨日出席普通話比賽時表示,被凌晨時分的狂風雷雨嚇得不能安睡,擔心大風會將窗吹落街。由於家中只有外傭與小狗,她曾因蟑螂而不敢離開房間,更直言家中有男人會好些,記者提議她致電方力申求救,她說:「聽聞佢怕喎!佢可能仲驚過我呀!」同場的洪卓立表示,小時候經常往深圳探望外公外婆,因而學懂普通話。被雷雨嚇至失眠的鄧麗欣,踢爆方力申怕。 鄧麗欣紅雨嚇餐懵11/06/2007 鄧 麗 欣 ( Stephy ) 、 洪 卓 立 ( Ken ) 和 陳 柏 宇 昨 日 出 席 一 個 普 通 話 比 賽 活 動 , Stephy 說 昨 日 凌 晨 時 分 發 出 紅 色 暴 雨 警 告 , 刮 起 狂 風 暴 雨 , 而 她 居 住 較 高 層 數 , 所 以 擔 心 窗 戶 會 被 吹 落 街 。 Stephy 續 說 , 屋 企 曾 有 蟑 螂 出 現 , 嚇 得 她 鎖 自 己 在 房 不 敢 出 來 , 記 者 提 議 叫 方 力 申 來 捉 蟑 螂 , Stephy 即 言 : 「 搵 佢 做 乜 ? 到 時 佢 仲 驚 過 我 都 唔 奇 , 聽 聞 佢 都 驚 喎 。 」 說 到 普 通 話 , Stephy 指 聽 與 講 的 能 力 已 有 八 成 , 但 論 身 邊 朋 友 , 說 得 最 差 算 是 葉 念 琛 。 洪 卓 立 則 表 示 , 因 公 公 及 外 婆 居 住 深 圳 , 小 時 候 經 常 聽 兩 人 說 話 , 便 學 會 普 通 話 。 鄧 麗 欣 的 普 通 話 水 準 總 算 過 得 去 。 鄧麗欣終發現:家中有個男人較好【本報訊】(記者 梁靜儀)鄧麗欣、王菀之、陳柏宇及洪卓立昨日出席港台「粵港澳普通話大賽港區決賽」活動。鄧麗欣自言普通話說得不錯,她相信全公司普通話最差的,相信是導演葉念琛,問她會教這位緋聞男友?她自言未夠資格。 前晚天文台掛起黃色暴雨警告,鄧麗欣一度擔心會吹爛窗,問她有致電男士求救嗎?她笑稱沒有,因為太眼,不過下次也會試試,因為家中只得她與傭人及狗仔,始終有個男人比較好一點。試過一次屋企有很多蟑螂,嚇得她只好關上大門,留待翌日才找人幫手。問她沒有找方力申求救嗎?她竟踢爆小方怕蟑螂,笑指可能要調轉頭要她救哩。 since miss serena said i don't post that much.. x DD lmaostephy will be a guest in TOM on the 14th of this month时间:2007年6月14日16:50地点:TOM娱乐艺人:邓丽欣事件:《十分爱》主创做客TOM--------and bigger scans of the Monday magazines~ Wa. 因為今晚我要完成一張postcard嘅design, 聽日交~(張postcard係我同一個繪畫家jackman嘅crossover,一人畫一面~~下個星期就會喺各大商店派發) 我嗰面已經完成喇!!! it doesn't really say the exact venue for it tho.. it's just a private interview where just reporters will be there...

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