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The doctor's house is bombed subsequently to kill any other militant hiding inside.

Several days later, Hilaal and Ghazala's son, Haider (Shahid Kapoor), returns from Aligarh Muslim University to seek answers about his father's disappearance.

Haider contacts Roohdar (Irrfan), who turns out to be part of a separatist group.

Arshia confides this to her father Pervez, who informs Khurram about the gun.Saddened by the growing closeness between Ghazala and Khurram, and unable to find any leads, Haider begins to lose hope.However, Arshia encounters a stranger, Roohdar, who asks her to inform Haider that he will be able to provide information about Hilaal.In 1995, during the insurgency in Kashmir, Hilaal Meer (Narendra Jha), a doctor based in Srinagar, agrees to perform an appendectomy on Ikhlaque, the leader of a pro-separatist militant group.To avoid detection, he performs the surgery at his house, much to the chagrin of his wife Ghazala (Tabu), who questions his allegiance.

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