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Quad 34 pre-amplifier For many people general overhaul of an old Quad amplifier may seem a useless affair.After overhaul the amplifier units and/or tuner are tested and distortion figures are measured. The QUAD 303 design is the winner, thanks to the stabilized power supply, a thorough set up. That is the main problem for the power amplifier, where relatively high currents are needed to feed the loudspeakers.Needless to mention that better parts do give a certain improvement in operation; mainly nowadays better and smaller capacitors result in audible better sound quality.For refurbishing only first class parts are used: resistors are low tolerance (1 %) metal film types instead of the original high tolerance (10 %) carbon types.Thats quite problematic as far as service is concerned also because service literature (if available! And after a few years those specific parts arent obtainable at all, or at extremely high costs.

With nowadays wireless communication, countless small wall socket mobile chargers (rectifier units) in the home, the internet, Bluetooth and light dimmers in the home, the mains voltage carries a lot more frequencies than 50 cycles.

After about 15 years of use performance of most electronics is deteriorating more or less. The same process plays a role in audio electronics.

Many music lovers who for financial reasons opted for refurbishment experienced to their astonishment that the renewed QUAD is audibly amply superior to most nowadays amplifiers.

These developments facilitated mass production, but mass production seldom leads to quality improvement; all too often even to the contrary.

Through decades techniques have dramatically improved, so why not just buy a new amplifier? Sure, there were many technical improvements but mostly for aspects like miniaturization and exchange transistors for ICs.

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