Good questions to ask when you first start dating

Turn off your phones, close the laptops, and switch off the TV.Make sure the kids are asleep and the dog is taken care of.I recommend asking some of the following questions once every few months, and others on a weekly basis.For best results, clear all distractions from your environment.

Whatever your reason, you find yourself craving the ability to go deeper with your intimate partner.

Is there any kind of physical touch that I can engage in more that helps you to feel loved? Is there any kind of physical intimacy that they feel is lacking? Ask, get clear on what would make them feel more loved, and then incorporate that kind of touch into your daily schedule to the best of your ability.6.

Do you think you will need more closeness or more alone time over the next couple of days?

Depending on what kind of job your partner has and how they are as an individual, they might want something entirely different than what you expect as their preferred method of being greeted.

They might want to have as little communication as possible for the first few minutes as they settle into their new environment.

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