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But its up to all of us to get behind it, and give it a good go.

Dont shoot the messenger, but the milk market is tanking down now!

Some of you will no doubt chuckle at the creation of this fun but fictitious department and its recruitment for six wholesome passionate dairy lovers! Some of you wont like the adverts, or the campaign, but for me thats a positive.

But please note, all of you serial committee people who hop from one Board to another (you know who you are! If all dairy farmers instantly thought the idea and visuals were great I would be very worried indeed. The forerunner to the campaign was a very comprehensive 195-page Dairy Market Development report in January of this year by Edelman Intelligence, who are described as tech geeks, political junkies, branding experts and media movers all rolled into one. Their advice was that any collaborative UK dairy campaign must be positive, simple, and loud, and must bring back customers, be visible to dairy farmers, create value for producers and processors, as well as support all dairy categories equally.

That boat has sailed, with some purchasers having accurately read the market while others appear to be reactionary and leader-followers. ) increase prices for November, December and possibly even January the followers have little option but to say we cant recover any extra money, so we cant continue to increase farm gate prices.

At the same time, they will waiting like vultures for the first opportunity (or excuse) to cut farm gate milk prices.

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